Prep 6

Prep 6 Science Challenge: Designing Circuit-Based Board Games

9th February 2024

What could be a better way for Prep 6 to finish off their Science topic on circuits than with a challenge? To test their circuit building skills and curiosity, Prep 6 were tasked with designing a board game, containing a circuit of their choice, to rival the classic children’s game of ‘Operation’. They could also…

Prep 6 EPIC CLASS Award Launch

8th February 2024

Friday 26th January saw the launch of our Prep 6 EPIC CLASS award. Parents and children enjoyed a delicious breakfast (prepared by Prep 6) as they learnt about their project. The purpose of the EPIC CLASS award is to provide the Year 6 children with extra curricular activities that keep them engaged over their final…

Prep 5 & 6 Maths Challenge at Cheltenham College

8th February 2024

On Tuesday 30th January, eight children from Prep 5 and 6 took part in a Maths Challenge at Cheltenham College. During the day, they were faced with a range of challenges and showed great teamwork, logic and perseverance. They had a thoroughly enjoyable day and had a fantastic time. 

Prep 6 Exam Results Success

8th February 2024

Prep 6 have recently completed their entrance exams and the results have been absolutely amazing. Amongst these children, they have managed to secure multiple scholarships, with some children earning TRIPLE scholarships. St Dominics scholarships in academics, music and performing arts NULS scholarships in academics and music A Denstone all rounder scholarship Stafford Grammar entrance exam…

Exploring Science: Half-term Highlights

15th December 2023

This term, our Science classes have been buzzing with various engaging activities and experiments, providing our students with hands-on learning experiences. While we’ve had a multitude of activities, here are some of the highlights that the children loved the most! In our Healthy Living topic, Prep 6 had a blast measuring their lung capacity. They…

Prep 6 Leavers’ Destinations

20th October 2023

At Edenhurst, we take great pride in our commitment to nurturing pupils for a seamless transition to a broad range of different senior schools and are proud of our track record in supporting children to choose the right school for them. We have a very successful track record of pupils being offered places at notable…

Exciting Experiments in the Science Lab

20th October 2023

It has been very busy in the Science lab this half term. There was the sound of excited chatter in Prep 3 as the children used their creative skills to build a race track out of Lego, whilst learning about forces. They were challenged to race their car around the track without touching the car….

Prep 6 Visit to Condover Hall

20th October 2023

It was a real pleasure to take Prep 6 to Condover Hall. I was really proud of how they behaved and their impeccable manners stood out from many of the other schools and were noticed by the Condover staff. Every child improved their team building skills working together on the buggy building, laser quest, quiz…

Prep 6 CREST Awards for Science Skills

12th July 2023

As part of their EPIC adventure, this term Prep 6 have been busy working towards their CREST award. This is a nationally recognised scheme where children complete a series of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) activities, putting both their investigational and creative skills to the test. The children were given a list of activities…

Prep 6 Leavers’ Trip to Alton Towers

12th July 2023

Thursday 29th June saw Prep 6 visit Alton Towers for the Leavers Trip! Lots of fears conquered; donuts consumed and memories made! We would like to thank the EPTA for supporting this trip financially as it really was a fantastic trip!  In just a few short weeks, our wonderful Prep 6 children will spread their…

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Why Edenhurst?

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