Prep (Year 3 to Year 6)

Head of Prep Forms: David Barber

Prep 3 Form Teacher: Hannah Turner

Prep 4 Form Teacher: Hannah Knight

Prep 5 Form Teacher: Paige Whitmore

Prep 6 Form Teacher: Susannah Bennett

Upon entering the Prep Forms, a specialist subject-based approach is adopted. Each subject is led by a teacher who is a specialist in their own field, allowing the children to benefit from expertise and an enthusiasm derived from a genuine interest in each subject.

Pupils in the Prep Forms continue to build on their skills in English and Maths, as well as other core subjects, and preparation for entrance examinations at 11+ is an ongoing process at Edenhurst. Small class sizes of 20 or below are maintained to allow for the most advantageous pupil to adult ratio.

Children benefit from a careful and sensitive familiarisation with the demands of examinations, and parents are also invited to join the Head or Deputy Head for a discussion on future schooling. Edenhurst has an excellent record in preparing children for transfer to senior school at age 11, and each year a number of children gain scholarships to a range of schools. Read more about our results here.

Written homework also begins in Prep 3, with tasks communicated daily in each child’s Homework Diary. Homework may also be set online, using programs such as Google Classroom, Linguascope or MathsWhizz.


Pupils have the opportunity to be part of the School Council, meeting regularly during term time to discuss a range of issues of the members’ choosing. This gives an invaluable voice and input from the pupils. They may also be part of the Eco Council, which includes children from Form 2 to Prep 6.

Why Edenhurst?

Why Edenhurst?