Vision & Mission


To equip children with the necessary skills and attributes to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

We want them to have the ‘Edenhurst Edge’ – that little bit extra that sets them above their peers


At  Edenhurst children can take pride in their individuality, build their confidence and passion for learning. We develop their ability to embrace all the challenges they may encounter in later life.

Children become confident and adaptable risk takers, supported by specialist teachers.

We maintain the tradition of promoting Courtesy, Honesty, Respect and Endeavour in our pupils.

To ensure that we work in close partnership with parents and maintain the school’s family feel.

We focus on what we do differently at Edenhurst and the choice that we offer parents in preparing their children for the next stage of their education.

Core Values


We develop children’s individual talents and gifts by providing an appropriate level of challenge.

We look after their personal needs as part of the Edenhurst family.


Our dedicated teachers deliver innovative lessons.

We provide a broad and balanced curriculum delivered by Specialist teachers.

We utilise the latest technology where appropriate.


Our pupils achieve excellent results in all areas of school life.

We foster a love of learning and equip children with the necessary skills to succeed.

We believe in the best outcomes for every child.

Strategic Approach

A commitment to ensuring staff practice is up to date

Ensure that we work closely with families ensuring that the provision is accessible/fit for purpose and reflects the needs of children and families

Work in partnership with parents in regard to the educational journey through the school and beyond

Developing the whole child, where outstanding academics are one facet of an excellent education – mind, body and soul

Developing core skills – confidence and literacy in English, maths and technology – so they are employable and able to make the right decisions

Creating a learning environment in which children are able to enjoy practical and immersive experiences

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Why Edenhurst?

Why Edenhurst?