Leavers’ Destinations

We successfully prepare children for entrance to a broad range of different senior schools and are proud of our track record in supporting children to choose the right school for them.

The choice of senior school is taken very seriously, and teachers will meet with parents personally to discuss this important transition, considering all aspects of potential schools from academic achievement to size, location and culture.

We have a very successful track record of pupils being offered places at notable independent and grammar schools across the region. Edenhurst pupils are often awarded Academic, Sports, Music and Art scholarships.

Leavers Destinations (2020/21 to 2022/23)

Denstone College 6
Ellesmere College 1
Haberdasher’s Adams Grammar School 3
Newcastle under Lyme School 23
Newport Grammar School for Girls 2
St Dominic’s Priory School 1
St. Joseph’s College 1
Stafford Grammar School 3
State School 3

For more information about how we prepare pupils for Senior School, see 11+ Preparation.

Why Edenhurst?

Why Edenhurst?