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How Is Your Mental Health?

3rd December 2021

How are you really? How is your mental health? More importantly, how do you know?  This is not a blog based on any kind of science, which as a Science teacher is a bit strange. This is based purely on my own experience. If you ask Google which are the most stressful jobs in the…

Mental Health at Edenhurst

26th November 2021

Mental Health at Edenhurst I have always taken a huge interest in other people. Perhaps I’m simply very nosy but I genuinely believe that understanding others enables me to better interact, and where necessary, support them. As such, I started my career by reading Education and Psychology at the University of Wales, Cardiff. With the…

Remembrance Day

12th November 2021

Remembrance Day Classes across the whole school have been busy making and creating ‘Poppies’ for our annual display. The display aims to show our ‘Pride’ as a school in remembering those that we owe so much to, as we celebrate ‘Remembrance Day’. There’s an array of responses. Most of the individual poppies have been made…

ISI sends Edenhurst to the top of the class

8th November 2021

Pupils, staff and parents at Edenhurst Preparatory School in Staffordshire are celebrating, after receiving their latest inspection results. The co-educational, independent school underwent a Regulatory Compliance and EYFS inspection by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI), in October. ISI Inspectors operate under the Ofsted framework, approved by the Department for Education. The duration process was extended to…

Perfect Imperfections

5th November 2021

Perfect imperfections Perfection is overrated! From a very young age we are encouraged to strive for perfection. Whilst this is not a bad thing, it can result in us missing out on the true beauty of the world in which we live. Make no mistake, I am all for being the best you can be…

Activity Day

15th October 2021

Reception, Form 1 &2 Last year’s restrictions meant that we were unable to have an activity day out of school so it was an amazing feeling to take pre-prep to Cannock Chase this year.  The children were excited to receive their Gruffalo Trail packs and eagerly set off on the trail. We all looked carefully…

The Importance of Role Models

8th October 2021

At Edenhurst we recognise the value of positive role models at all stages of a child’s life.  Thinking about this has led me to consider those role models who have had an impact on my life over the years and have led me to this point. I am lucky to have had two very different,…

The Importance of Being Eden

1st October 2021

The importance of being Eden Edenhurst has always been renowned for the way we prepare children for secondary schools. Over the past few weeks I have received wonderful feedback from the heads of senior schools now attended by our lovely Prep 6, the class of 2021. This is something that we perhaps take for granted…

End of term round up

8th July 2021

Summer Concert 2021   What a very special and emotional evening the Summer Concert was this year. After not being able to perform live for 18 months it was with great pleasure, and relief, that the Summer Concert was able to go ahead in a COVID safe environment. ( Thank you to Mrs Wardle and…

Fostering curiosity at Edenhurst

11th June 2021

Albert Einstein famously said: “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” This resonates with our approach at Edenhurst. Any parent will know about that phase that their children go through, usually at age 2 or 3, when they ask “Why?” at least 100 times per day. Sadly, they outgrow this. Or do…

Why Edenhurst?

Why Edenhurst?