Pastoral Care

All staff have high expectations of what each child can achieve and a strong understanding of what skills they are developing for their future learning. Staff carefully listen to the children and question to support and extend their learning and through high-quality interactions consistently fulfil curriculum intentions.

From a very young age children are encouraged to show respect for all. The setting celebrates a range of festivals and events throughout the year which helps children to develop a positive appreciation and understanding of diversity and differing needs with modern Britain.

ISI Inspection Report, March 2017

Aside from our School Values- Honesty, Courtesy, Respect, Endeavour- daily life at Edenhurst offers many opportunities for pupils’ moral and spiritual development.

  • The PSHE curriculum
  • School Assemblies
  • Class Responsibilities
  • The House System
  • The School Council

The House System:

Upon joining Edenhurst each pupil becomes a member of one of our three Houses – Bridgewater, Moorcroft and Wedgwood. If a sibling (or parent) has previously been in one of these houses, then the pupil will join the same one. Merits gained by each pupil count towards the House totals and the House Cup is awarded each term to the one that has gained the most (combined) Merits and Kind & Helpful Merits for that term.

School Council:

Here at Edenhurst we value the opinions of the children in matters relating to the day-to-day running of the School. The School Council is a body of pupils whose business is to discuss such matters. It consists of the Form Captain from each of Prep 3, Prep 4, Prep 5 and Prep 6, together with one other elected representative from each of those classes. The Head Boy and Head Girl are also members of the School Council.

The Council meets three times per term, supervised and guided by the Deputy Head, to discuss a range of issues of their choosing. As a direct consequence of discussion at School Council, the playground space at break time has been extended to accommodate additional classes, and a Buddy System has been set up to provide a link between the Prep 6 and Reception children. The School Council are currently debating how best to spend an allocation of money from the EPTA

In our last Inspection (2017) it was noted that, ‘The school council, whose members are elected by the pupils, provides a good channel for pupils to participate in democratic decision making and to develop an effective understanding of the way society functions, and for their views to be taken into account by the school.‘

Why Edenhurst?

Why Edenhurst?