Pupil Voice

Our pupils are the most important members of our School community.

We believe that engaging children as active participants in their education and making a positive contribution to our school and local community are vitally important. At Edenhurst, we involve pupils in decision-making by running a School Council and Eco Committee, both of which are led by pupils and supported by members of teaching staff.

As well as the ongoing conversations we have with pupils, we have developed an online survey to enable us to capture their views. Pupils in the Prep Forms complete the survey on a biannual basis and the findings are incorporated into our school development planning to ensure we continue to be effective in meeting the needs of those most important to us.

Pleasingly, the survey results highlight the children’s enjoyment of School, the high standard of teaching and learning, and the progress being made in the classroom.

Pupils were also given an opportunity to offer suggestions for how the school could be improved. The most common suggestions were as follows:

  • New equipment for the yard at break times;
  • Opening up the Library at lunchtime for a few children who want to read or colour quietly;
  • New or additional clubs and activities, held before school, at lunchtime and after school.

The results have been shared informally with the pupils and we have already begun to discuss some changes based on their feedback and ideas. The Edenhurst Parent-Teacher Association (EPTA) have given a budget to the School Council and they are currently taking views from their peers about how this should be spent – and how they could raise additional funds if necessary.

Why Edenhurst?

Why Edenhurst?