Exploring Science: Half-term Highlights

Posted: 15th December 2023

This term, our Science classes have been buzzing with various engaging activities and experiments, providing our students with hands-on learning experiences. While we’ve had a multitude of activities, here are some of the highlights that the children loved the most!

In our Healthy Living topic, Prep 6 had a blast measuring their lung capacity. They discovered how their lung capacity contributes to their talents in singing and excelling in sports.

The solar system became a playground for Prep 5 as they twirled around the astro turf, creating models of the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon, learning about our cosmic neighbourhood in an interactive way.

Prep 4 delved into the journey of a jam sandwich through the digestive system, making learning about our body’s processes both fun and informative.

Meanwhile, Prep 3 explored the fascinating world of teeth, understanding why we have different types for different purposes, adding depth to their knowledge of oral health.

And finally, Form 2 had a great time learning the safe use of magnifying glasses for observations. To cap it off, they enjoyed a lively lesson on fizzy fruits, ending their studies with a bit of fizzy fun!

It’s been an exciting term full of exploration and discovery in Science, providing our students with memorable learning experiences.

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Why Edenhurst?