Looking Forward To Our 'Brilliant' School Play!

Posted: 18th January 2018

Posted on 18th Jan 2018

This year we shall be performing our School Play in the Hilary Term.  There was great excitement in Prep 6 last week when Mrs. Jones came in, handed out the scripts and announced the parts for….’Brilliant The Dinosaur!’

Edenhurst has performed this before, in 1993, when the school was part of IAPS and we took it to perform in Birmingham.  Written by the multi-talented Richard Stilgoe, the story is set some years in the future and is based around the Banks family.  They live in Clademouth, a town on the South Coast.  The town has been ravaged by the hurricanes that have become prevalent.

The latest storm opens a canyon in the cliff, and reveals Clademouth’s oldest and least-known inhabitant – a female diplodocus. The Banks children discover her, and help her hide from
the world she now finds herself in. Concealing thirty metres of reptile is not an easy job, however, and eventually the diplodocus and the grown-ups meet face-to-face, with ghastly consequences.

Prep 6 are now busy learning their lines and the rest of the school are learning the songs, as this will really be a whole-school production!

‘Brilliant’ will be performed on Tuesday 27th March, starting at 7:30pm, in the Mitchell Arts Centre in Hanley.  Save the date – and further information will soon follow.

And watch out for a special guest appearance as part of the performance!

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