Prep 6 Science Challenge: Designing Circuit-Based Board Games

Posted: 9th February 2024

What could be a better way for Prep 6 to finish off their Science topic on circuits than with a challenge?

To test their circuit building skills and curiosity, Prep 6 were tasked with designing a board game, containing a circuit of their choice, to rival the classic children’s game of ‘Operation’.

They could also choose from a selection of different materials to make their game more creative and fun.

However, there was a twist, they only had a budget of £5, so they had to plan and choose their materials wisely from the ‘pic n mix’ selection on offer at the ‘lab shop.

They were very excited and we are now looking forward to playing the ‘donut’ game, ‘buzz off’, an electronic quiz and a game featuring a sink and a tap. The mind boggles!

Mrs Nash, Head of Science

Categories: Prep 6

Why Edenhurst?

Why Edenhurst?