Pre-Prep Visit to Delamere Forest

Posted: 20th October 2023

On Thursday 28th September, Reception, Form 1 and 2 went on an adventure to Delamere Forest and what a brilliant day it was!

We went on a walk through the woods and saw where the squirrels and badgers live and learnt about what they eat – we even found lots of nibbled squirrel food! Next, we went down to the stream and did lots of splashing. Good job we were wearing our waterproofs and wellies!

Once we had headed back for some delicious lunch of sandwiches, crisps, Kit Kats and fruit, we got to build our own hammocks, hanging them up on trees.

We even got to have a try and some of us went in the hammocks two at a time. It was very cosy and we could have easily fallen asleep. Zzzzzzzz!

Before leaving for school, we all got to have a go on the play area which was so much fun!

Mrs Barker

Categories: Form 1 Form 2 Reception

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