Prep 4 & 5 Trip to Blists Hill

Posted: 12th July 2023

Last week, Prep 4 and Prep 5 visited Blist Hill, Ironbridge Museum in Telford! We spent a fantastic day learning and exploring all about the Victorian era! 

We started the day getting into our ‘school uniform’, marched through the town in a silent line (girls first and then the boys), and eventually met our very strict teacher, Mrs McCallum. We learnt how to write in copper plate style and even practised our 7 times tables. 

The rest of the day was spent exploring in little groups. We visited the sweet shop, local grocers, candle workshop, a fairground and lots, lots more! 

We had a great day putting into practice and seeing first-hand, the information we had learnt in school!

Categories: Prep 4 Prep 5

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