Celebrating Form 1 Progress and Achievements

Posted: 24th May 2023

Dear Form 1,

You are superstars. You work hard every single day and have made so much progress so far this year. You are the most determined 5 and 6 year olds that I have ever met. You show perseverance, open mindedness and risk taking in all lessons and you take all challenges in your stride.

I wanted to share some of your work with your parents so I hope you don’t mind!

In English, we are currently looking at the book The Jolly Postman where we have been focussing on using full stops, capital letters, exclamation marks and question marks.

Furthermore, we have been focusing on our sentence structure, using ‘and’ and ‘because’, and also using some powerful adjectives to make our sentences more interesting. Over the week, Form 1 complete a spelling lesson, a comprehension lesson, a grammar lesson and then apply what they have learnt in a writing lesson- they are brilliant writers now!

In Maths, we have recently been learning about what capacity and volume means. It has been quite difficult to understand the difference but we are getting there with our perseverance! We have now moved on to learning the 2,5 and 10 x tables – we are great at this!

In Science, we are ‘Thinking Scientifically’! This topic allows us to ask questions about the world around us and link what we already know to our new learning. Our new topic has us thinking about being stranded on a desert island. Where would we sleep? What would we eat? What would we drink? How would we survive? We have thought about building a den and what we would build a den out of. We have been experimenting with floating and what objects do and don’t float. Recently, we got to make hard tack biscuits. We got very excited but when we tried them, yuck! We won’t be having them again!

Please see all of our pictures attached of our beautiful work.

Keep being you, Form 1! I am so proud of you!

From Miss Knight

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