Prep 5 Study Greek Mythology in Latin

Posted: 16th February 2023

In Latin this term, Prep 5 have been studying the ancient myth of Theseus and the Minotaur.

They began by reading a selection of texts describing the events of the myth to build up a broad picture of the story. We have been learning that over time, the details of myths and legends do change depending on which version we read. Prep 5 then created a diary entry from the viewpoint of Theseus, to describe in imaginative detail the events of the fateful meeting with the Minotaur! 

To bring the topic to a close, Prep 5 have been creating a life-size 3D model mask of the Minotaur, demonstrating strong team skills, quick thinking and logic to piece it all together. The mask came as flat A4 sheets and they had to cut and fold to intricate instructions and then work out how it all pieced together!

I was blown away by their efforts in this really challenging activity, special mentions to Larry, Charlie, James, Guy, Fola in the construction, to the whole class for cutting and folding and a Head’s Commendation will be awarded to Mason S for leading the project with curiosity and resilience.

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