The Benefits of Boarding at Senior School

Posted: 13th June 2018

Posted on 13th Jun 2018

At Edenhurst, we are committed to supporting parents in helping children choose the right senior school at 11+ and as part of this commitment we have recently produced a series of short videos filmed at Denstone College. 

It’s noticeable that many of the schools to which our alumni move offer boarding, yet this isn’t something that is often discussed during the pre-11+ interviews with parents.

Visiting a boarding school in 2018 reveals an environment much unlike that which forms the national stereotype (think ‘Tom Brown’s Schooldays’ or ‘To Serve Them All My Days’).  It is a happy and welcoming place: children board because they want to, rather than have to (most live within commuting distance from the school); boarding can be flexible and weekly, as well as the more traditional termly option; and children no longer feel as though they are ‘sent away’ to board.  A child’s experience of boarding at the same school that their parents attended would be extremely different.

We interviewed two of our alumni: Oliver Moody (2013) and Chloe Cookson (2017) about their move to senior school and their experiences of life at Denstone as weekly boarders. We also spoke with their parents, along with the Head of Girls Boarding at Denstone, Mrs. Judy Teather. 

We plan to add to this series in the coming year, interviewing pupils from the wide range of senior schools that former Edenhurst pupils now attend. Click here to view our recent Leaver Destinations.

Click here for the link to the playlist on our You Tube channel.

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