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Results and Leaver Destinations

At Edenhurst we benefit from small class sizes, which enables us to offer a more personalised approach to learning, and allows each child's individual strengths to be nurtured.

We have put together a short video to illustrate the impact this has on our pupils’ achievements as they progress through the School. 

Preparation for 11+

We take the selection of an appropriate senior school very seriously, and teachers meet with parents individually to discuss this in detail, taking into account each child’s needs in relation to size, location and culture. Read more about our Preparation for 11+.

2017 Leaver Destinations & Results

We continue to achieve excellent 11+ results here at Edenhurst, including scholarships in Sport and Music, as well as Academic Awards to notable Independent Schools. Our recent leaver destinations, shown below, clearly demonstrate our success in preparing children for a range of entrance tests to a variety of schools. 

100% success was achieved this year in getting the pupils into the schools of their choosing and 37% were awarded scholarships.