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Developing confidence and a sense of achievement is central to our teaching of Maths here at Edenhurst. Maths is widely used in everyday situations and it is our aim to enable children, in an interesting and enjoyable way, to develop the skills necessary to tackle a range of practical tasks and real life problems. Traditional teaching methods, such as the teaching of tables, are combined with investigative work and technology to support and enhance the children’s learning of mathematical concepts.

Numeracy, shape, space and measure, data handling and algebra are taught throughout the school, and are carefully designed to simultaneously boost the children’s confidence and problem-solving skills.

In the Early Years Foundation Stage and Pre-Prep, Maths teaching is delivered by the class teacher. Prep Form pupils have specialist Maths teaching and, here at Edenhurst, we pride ourselves in the excellent preparation given to our pupils for 11+ entrance exams. Whilst providing support to pupils experiencing difficulties in Maths, we also aim to stretch the most able pupils. This is achieved both in the classroom through differentiated material and also through special Gifted and Talented sessions.