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Competency in English is central to all learning. In today's world, perhaps more than ever, children need to be able to communicate effectively. At Edenhurst, the development of both spoken and written English is of prime importance, as is the ability to listen, understand and respond appropriately.

The English department delivers a thorough curriculum, enabling children to cultivate the skills needed for effective communication. These skills include reading, comprehension, composition, spelling, handwriting, and grammar.  Liaison with our partner senior schools ensures that we are looking ahead to give the children the skills that they will require to succeed once they have left Edenhurst.

The reading programme has been meticulously designed at all stages to ensure that children may effectively develop their skills, whilst at the same time familiarising them with a wide range of literary genres. Independent readers are challenged with more demanding texts, whilst the less able are given the support necessary for maximum progression.

The English Department regularly welcomes visiting poets, authors and performers to enrich the Curriculum, and to encourage the development of literacy skills. The primary aim is to create a love of reading and a solid understanding of the English language.  Book Fairs are also held twice per year, involving all year groups from Nursery to Prep 6.