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Simon Bennett

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Me professionally:

I have always enjoyed working and helping younger children. It was during work experience in high school that I realised that teaching was the career for me. 

I made my first attempt at coaching when I was 9 years old. It was half term and my brother and I had been taken down to my mum’s badminton session. I had been playing for a couple of years, but being younger, my brother had only just started. We were getting beaten by two adults and my advice to my little brother was ‘Just play better!’ Thankfully, my coaching has improved since then!

I qualified as a teacher in 2012, after completing a degree in Sports, Health and Exercise Science at the University of Hull. I started teaching at Oakhill Primary School in Stoke and became Head of Years 3 and 4, as well as holding the posts of Head of Maths, Music, Computing and PE. I spent 9 years working in schools, developing my craft and teaching styles across a range of subjects and was overjoyed to be offered the position of PE teacher at Edenhurst! I believe sport to be a fantastic platform- offering children a wide range of skills that they can transfer into lots of different, real-life situations. It is my passion to develop a love of learning and a love of PE. 

Me personally:

My personal section could be copied straight from Mrs Bennett’s page, if you swap the Mr to Mrs and the Mummy to Daddy! We love spending time together at the weekends, which now consists of travelling back and forth from various clubs on Saturdays and long walks and bike rides on Sundays- I wouldn’t change it for the world!

I enjoy getting out a couple of evenings a week for a game of football and have previously played badminton at club and county level. I love trying new sports, such as flowboarding and jetboarding, as well as visiting sports centres such as Stoke Ultimate Ninja and Awesome Walls Climbing Centre. I’m even hoping to play Mr Hibbert at squash soon… I hear he is quite a pro…!

Random fact about me:

As well as enjoying a range of sporting activities, I also enjoy making music- teaching myself how to play the drums, guitar, piano, bass and ukulele! Growing up I was part of a couple of indie rock bands and would love to one day, get back to playing in a band… maybe when I am too old to play sport! 

Why Edenhurst?

Why Edenhurst?