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Annie Turner

Me professionally:

I started at Edenhurst in 2019 in the Explorer’s Room as a Level 2 Apprentice. Towards the end of my first year I moved to the Baby room and in May 2020, I qualified in my Level 2 course. I am enjoying my Level 3 course at the moment and now work in the Little Learners. I am thoroughly enjoying working at Edenhurst and all of the staff and children have made me feel very welcomed.

Me personally:

I love to go out and socialise with all of my friends at the weekend or whenever I have a spare evening. I love a good home pamper or trip to the spa and I love a good workout every night after I finish work. I also live on a farm and so when I have a free day I will help out there if I am needed.

Random fact about me:

I find going for a run in the rain very relaxing.

I want to travel and would love to go to New York at Christmas

I teach swimming lessons at the weekend.


Why Edenhurst?

Why Edenhurst?