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Edenhurst News

15th Dec 2018

Here we meet our incoming Prep 3 teacher, Miss Hannah Turner, and find out more ahead of her joining the staff from January until July whilst Mrs. Bennett is on maternity leave.

What attracted you to the role at Edenhurst?

3rd Dec 2018

We have now been in the Early Learners for nearly a term and look at how our pencil grip and control has developed! We have transformed from early mark making into forming letters and numbers, with many of us recognising them and being able to

2nd Dec 2018

Our Prep 6 children are now almost halfway through their 11+ exams. This is the culmination of development that begins in the Nursery...

2nd Dec 2018

Linked to our science topic about ‘Materials’, Form 1 visited Quarry Bank Mill on Thursday 22nd November, where we also started to learn about ‘The Victorians’.  We had a thoroughly inspiring visit to the mill, which the children haven’t stopp

1st Dec 2018

The Ladies Fashion Show was our inaugural event, kicking off a somewhat jam-packed social diary for the year ahead!

15th Nov 2018

As part of the EPTA’s aim to provide additional experiences and facilities for the children at Edenhurst, a donation of £250 was made to the Nursery for them to invest in additional play equipment.

14th Nov 2018

Christmas is the season of giving and sharing with loved ones and those less fortunate than ourselves.

14th Nov 2018

Just before the half-term holiday, the whole school had an Activity Day based around 'The Great Outdoors'!  Below are reports from each class about the fun and challenge that they had...

14th Nov 2018

The Little Learners have been learning all about Outer Space this week. As part of our topic we have made rock cakes to use as moon rocks!

26th Oct 2018

This week the Explorers turned into scientists as they put on their metaphorical white coats to carry out an experiment with milk and food colouring.

26th Oct 2018

In the run up to the October half-term, children have been working with Mrs.

25th Oct 2018

Earlier this year we were delighted to catch up with Edenhurst alumna Emma Joustra (nee Jones). Emma is a Potteries-based artist who specialises in home and workplace portraits.

22nd Oct 2018

Edenhurst Friends Association has re-launched this term as Edenhurst Parents and Teachers Association (EPTA).  Newly-elected Chair of the EPTA, Deborah Ware, said: “The newly-formed EPTA is the start of a new fresh look at bringing the parent

5th Oct 2018

The Toddlers have been very busy this month starting to learn about Autumn.

4th Oct 2018

Form 2's first trip of the year proved to be a great (although rather wet) success! We drove to Buxton in the glorious sunshine and quickly started our underground tour of Poole’s Cavern.