Head’s Blog: Moving On Up and Moving On Out

Posted: 9th July 2024

I think it would be hard to deny that the theme for my final blog of the year has been inspired by the M People’s rather catchy 1993 hit. As we approach the end of the academic year, it’s a time for reflection, celebration and anticipation for what lies ahead. ‘Moving On Up and Moving On Out’ struck me as a rather fitting title, a tribute to the transitions that define our school community.

Moving On Up

For our pupils, each year brings new challenges and opportunities for growth. From our youngest learners in Reception discovering the joys of reading and counting, to our Prep 6 pupils mastering complex curriculum content and preparing for the next stage of their educational journey, every step forward is a significant achievement. I have seen incredible progress in academics, sports, the arts and personal development. Each pupil’s learning journey is unique and we celebrate their individual accomplishments with pride.

Highlights of the Year:

  • Academic Achievements: Our pupils have excelled in their studies, with well-deserved results in entrance exams and assessments. Their curiosity and determination are truly commendable.
  • Sporting Successes: From inter-school competitions to ISA tournaments, our athletes have demonstrated exceptional skill, teamwork and sportsmanship on the sports field. They have swam, played football, cricket, hockey, netball, rugby and Tchoukball.
  • Creative Ventures: Our artwork, school plays and variety of musical performances have showcased the extraordinary talents of our pupils, inspiring us all.
  • Community Spirit: Getting out and about within the local community, performing at events and raising money for local charitable causes have strengthened our bonds and highlighted the importance of giving back.

Moving On Out

I am exceptionally proud that all of our Prep 6 pupils succeeded in winning a place at a school of their choice, many gaining scholarships. In September they will be welcomed by St Dominic’s Priory, St Joseph’s College, Haberdashers’ Adams, Denstone College, Beech Hall and NULS. Transitioning to a new school is a significant milestone and I am confident that the skills, knowledge and values instilled in them here will serve them well.

Prep 6, it has been a joy and a privilege to watch you grow and learn. You have worked extremely hard, achieved so much and created many wonderful memories. As you move on to the next chapter in your lives, we are incredibly proud of each and every one of you. I will miss your energy, enthusiasm and the unique spirit you have brought to Edenhurst. You definitely have that Edenhurst Edge! Remember the lessons learned, the friendships made and the experiences shared. Embrace the new opportunities ahead with confidence and curiosity. You will always have a special place in our hearts and our school’s history. This is not goodbye, but a “see you later” and I look forward to hearing about all your future adventures and successes in the years to come.

This year, we also say farewell to a cherished member of our school community. Mrs. Lawton, little did you know that when you moved into your home at the bottom of the school playing field in March 1981, that in September 1994 you would start your very own Edenhurst journey! Over the past 30 years, you have touched the lives of countless pupils, families and members of staff with your wisdom, kindness and dedication. Your passion for teaching and your commitment to nurturing young minds have made a lasting impact on our whole school community. As you retire, I wish you happiness and fulfilment in the years ahead. Please do visit us – the kettle will always be on and the ‘first aid box’ (that’s code for Mrs Wardles’ chocolate stash!) open.

Finally, I would like to thank Mrs Taft and Mrs Harrison, the outgoing Chair and Deputy Chair of the EPTA, for their hard work and input. This year alone our pupils have benefitted from new P.E. and Games equipment, a wonderful assortment of playground toys, a library upgrade and even a meet and greet with Santa’s reindeer! Mrs Taft, Mrs Harrison we truly appreciate everything you and your dedicated team have done to enhance the pupils’ school experiences.

So, as we close the chapter on this year and look forward to the next, let’s carry with us the memories made and lessons learned. Whether you are moving on up to a new year group or moving on out to new horizons, remember this: wherever you go and whatever you do, you will always be part of the Edenhurst family.

Enjoy your summer break – may it be filled with sunshine and relaxation. I look forward to welcoming everyone back to school on Wednesday 4th September, refreshed and ready for another amazing year. But for now, this is Mrs Mousley over and out!

Emma Mousley


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