Q&A with Edenhurst Edventures Holiday Club Manager

Posted: 10th June 2024

With summer holidays nearly here, many working parents are beginning to feel the pressure of organising childcare and making sure their children are safe, engaged, and well-cared for while they work.

At Edenhurst Preparatory School, all children aged 4 – 11 can sign up for its Edventures Holiday Club. Led by one of the school’s teachers, Francesca Martin, the programme provides a wide range of exciting holiday activities, from sports and performing arts to trips to local attractions. In this interview, Francesca shares more about what makes Edventures stand out from other school holiday clubs.

Q: Hi Francesca, can you start by telling us a bit about yourself and your role as the manager of Edenhurst ‘Edventures’?

A: Hi! I’m Francesca, and I’ve been managing Edenhurst ‘Edventures’ for the past two years. My role involves planning and overseeing all the fun activities we offer, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for children from Reception to Year 6. I’m a qualified primary school teacher and work at the school, which gives me a solid foundation in child development and activity planning. 

Q: Can you walk us through a typical day at ‘Edventures’?

A: Absolutely! Our day starts at 8:00am with welcoming the children and parents. After sign-in, we kick off with some group activities to get everyone energised. Throughout the weeks, we offer a mix of sports, performing arts, gymnastics, crafts, baking, and more. We also organise trips to places like Trentham Gardens, the Vue Cinema and Ten Pin Bowling. We provide a toast snack in the morning and a fruit snack in the afternoon, but we ask parents to send their children with a packed lunch and plenty of snacks. Our day wraps up at 6:00pm.

Q: How do you come up with ideas for the activities at ‘Edventures’?

A: A lot of brainstorming and planning go into our programmes. We keep up with trends and popular interests among children. I also get feedback from the children and parents about what they enjoyed or would like to see more of. My team of Edventures staff all bring different ideas to the table, and together we create a diverse and engaging schedule ensuring all children are engaged and happy. Parents can see some photos from recent activities on our Instagram (@Edventuresedenhurst).

Q: Finally, what advice would you give to parents considering booking their child into ‘Edventures’?

A: I’d encourage them to go for it! ‘Edventures’ offers a safe, fun, and engaging environment where children can make new friends and try new activities. Make sure to book in advance to avoid disappointment, as spaces fill up quickly. And don’t forget to send your child with a packed lunch, suitable clothing for the weather, and plenty of enthusiasm for a great day ahead!

Based at Edenhurst Preparatory School in the Westlands, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Edventures is open to all children aged 4 – 11 (including non-Edenhurst pupils). To learn more about the exciting opportunities at Edventures and secure your child’s spot, visit www.edenhurst.co.uk/edventures or contact Francesca directly at edventures@edenhurst.co.uk

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Why Edenhurst?