Results of Nursery Pastoral Parent Survey 2023/24

Posted: 8th February 2024

Our 2023/24 Pastoral Parent Survey results are in!

They show that the  families in our Edenhurst Nursery community express extremely high levels of satisfaction. Most parents describe our nursery as a place filled with joy, warmth, and a nurturing atmosphere. They appreciate our dedicated focus on ensuring the best possible learning experience for every child under our care.

The survey highlighted the following strengths:

  • The Nursery’s staff team
  • Pastoral care and safeguarding
  • Children’s enjoyment of learning
  • Day-to-day communication with parents

The following table lists the questions which achieved the highest satisfaction ratings:

Question % who graded strongly agree or agree
My child enjoys coming to nursery 100%
The nursery is secure and welcoming and safeguards my child effectively 100%
Children have many opportunities to develop socially and emotionally 100%
My child enjoys learning 100%
The nursery’s values and attitudes have a positive effect on my child. 100%
The nursery communicates information about the nursery’s routines and policies effectively 100%
The nursery responds promptly and effectively to my concerns or complaints 100%
I can communicate easily with the nursery and receive timely responses to my questions 100%

We are grateful to all parents who took the time to respond in our recent pastoral parent survey. Your valuable responses play an integral role in shaping the future of our nursery, helping us to create an even better environment for our children and enhancing the continuous communication we have with you. 

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Why Edenhurst?

Why Edenhurst?