Edenhurst Nursery Experience After School Club

Posted: 8th February 2024

Over the last year, Edenhurst Nursery has opened its doors to children from Prep 3 to Prep 6 for the Nursery Experience After School Club.

The initiative has fostered a strong sense of community, bridging the gap between the older and younger children within the school. Family at Edenhurst extends from the top of the school right down to the bottom of the Nursery! 

The school children love coming to Nursery to play, learn and teach with the children of all ages from the Baby Room to Kindergarten. Although some children are returning to where it all began, children who started in school also enjoy seeing what it is like to be in Nursery. 

The children pair off and spend time in each age group over the term before choosing their favourite age group at the end of the term to go back to. We even have some very enthusiastic baby whisperers who enjoy helping the children to walk and have their drinks!

Once they reach Kindergarten, the school children love playing board games and reading stories with the older children and like to guess who could be their buddy when they reach Reception. 

Recently Isabella, our School Creative Arts Champion and James, our School Wellbeing Champion have been very enthusiastically decorating the windows in the Nursery Entrance Hall and Corridor for the children to look at when they arrive and leave Nursery. The Kindergarten children were excited to make suggestions to James and Isabella of pictures to paint ranging from rainbows, flowers, trees and even an Incredible Hulk! The Nursery children have definitely delighted in looking for the pictures every day!

The Nursery Experience After School Club stands as a testament to Edenhurst’s commitment to fostering inclusivity and enriching the educational experience for children at every level.

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Why Edenhurst?

Why Edenhurst?