Head’s Blog: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Posted: 15th December 2023

Christmas has definitely landed at Edenhurst! To be honest, it first made its appearance on 21st November when Prep 6 made their annual pilgrimage to Keele Christmas Tree Farm and, fuelled with hot chocolate, cream and marshmallows, returned with not one, but two rather fabulous trees. Since then, it has quickly gathered momentum with a flurry of activity wherever you venture. Classrooms and communal areas around the school have lavishly been adorned in a sparkly explosion of tinsel, baubles and fairy lights, there are delicious aromas emanating from the kitchen and festive music is resonating throughout the corridors.

In addition to the trees, twinkling away in our reception areas, the whole school community has been involved in a variety of festive events. We’ve been treated to a wreath making masterclass lead by our very own Madame Priest, embraced the excitement of the school fair with its array of stalls and goodies, enjoyed a trip to the New Vic Theatre to watch The Nutcracker, joined in with the annual EPTA Big Wrap and hosted our nativity and carol service at St Giles. The Chamber Choir has been out and about spreading cheer within our local community, visiting residents and staff at Belong, opening the famous light switch on at Bromsberrow Way and entertaining patients and visitors at the Royal Stoke University Hospital. Festivities culminated in the most delicious lunch (thanks to our masterchefs, Jen and Krystal), Christmas jumper day AND a surprise visit from Santa’s reindeer, who just happened to be passing by!

But as we hurtle, full speed into the glittering lights, there is a deeper essence to the festive season that transcends the shimmering ornaments and the joyful tunes. Christmas, beyond the presents and decorations, has a heartfelt significance that resonates through generations, cultures and beliefs.

Christmas celebrates the spirit of giving and compassion. Whether it’s through thoughtful gifts, acts of service or simply giving your time, the spirit of generosity flourishes. The pleasure experienced in making someone else’s day brighter epitomises the heart of the season.

Christmas serves as a reminder of kindness and the joy that can be found by sharing with others. People around the world come together, fostering a sense of community and spreading warmth and cheer to those around them. It is a time for families and friends to gather, share stories, reminisce, laugh and, in doing so, create lifelong memories.

Christmas prompts reflection and gratitude. It encourages us to appreciate the blessings in our lives, cherish the relationships we hold dear and extend consideration towards all those around us.

Christmas conveys a message of hope, renewal and the promise of a better tomorrow. It encourages us to believe in the goodness of humanity and inspires us to practise the values of love, sympathy and decency in our everyday lives.

As I sign off for the year, I hope that this Christmas fills your hearts with love, your homes with laughter and your lives with cherished moments. Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year.

Emma Mousley


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