Edenhurst’s Anti-Bullying Week: Fostering Respect and Kindness

Posted: 15th December 2023

During Anti-Bullying Week in November, Edenhurst embraced a variety of activities to emphasise the importance of respect and kindness.

The week commenced with students and staff donning mismatched socks, in support of the Anti-Bullying Alliance’s mission.

Altru Drama was also welcomed to school, presenting the poignant and thought-provoking play, ‘The Noise Keepers’. This powerful performance sparked discussions about the impact of bullying and the collective responsibility to prevent it. Following the play, Altru Drama conducted interactive workshops for our Prep classes, fostering an open dialogue about bullying behaviours, empathy, and creating a supportive environment.

Through these initiatives, Edenhurst not only raised awareness about bullying but also instilled values of empathy and inclusivity, fostering a safe and respectful community among students and staff. The school remains dedicated to maintaining a culture where every individual feels valued and supported, actively combating bullying in all its forms.

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Why Edenhurst?

Why Edenhurst?