Prep 4 Visit to Sunflower Farm

Posted: 20th October 2023

Kicking the term off with a seasonal field trip, Prep 4 headed to Crewe Green sunflower farm near Haslington to learn more about farm management, sustainability and the responsibilities farmers have towards the land they work.

We were guided by the farm owner Alex Lewis who took us to visit the future pumpkin patch (well worth a visit right now!) and a walk through the farmyard to meet their dairy cow herd.

We had the opportunity to feed the herd and learn about a few of the characters.

We then took a tour through the jungle of maize fields, the crops were far taller than us, it was a real adventure finding our way along the narrow tracks.

Alex showed us the different stages that a sunflower goes through at this time of year and we were able to take a seed head apart and look at the different elements.

Our trip finished with a play on the rope swings and model tractors and we all got to take home an ear of freshly picked corn for tea.

It was a very enriching and interesting experience, a big thank you to Alex for her knowledge and generosity in sharing her farm with us.

Mrs Priest

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