French in Early Learners & Reception

Posted: 31st March 2023

Through this Hilary term, Reception and Early Learners have been looking at the classic tale of Handa’s Surprise in French – ‘La Surprise de Handa’.

Children have been learning all the French words for the African animals that feature through the tale and the seven different fruits that they sneak from Handa’s basket. 

To conclude the topic, we enjoyed a fruit tasting lesson, trying all the fruits that Handa would have had in her ‘panier’, including mango (la mangue), avocado (l’avocat) and pineapple (l’ananas) amongst others. 


After tasting the fruit, each child had to decide whether it was a ‘J’adore’ (love) or ‘Je déteste’ (dislike) and hold up the relevant card.

It was an enriching experience for everyone, with some children taking risks and having an open mind towards possibly unfamiliar foods. Bon appetit! 

Madame Priest


Categories: Nursery Reception

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