A Fantastic Sporting Start to 2023

Posted: 14th February 2023

Edenhurst has had a fantastic sporting start to the year. All of our Prep 3-6 children have taken part in fixtures against other schools and we have entered a large number of ISA and School Games tournaments. In January 2022, we overhauled our curriculum to allow more children to access more sports to discover their talents and promote a love of learning.

This academic year has seen our first hockey matches, girls football matches and tag rugby friendlies against other schools. The children have performed incredibly and have beaten schools that have been coached and competed in these sports for a much longer time.

Competition placing: 


U11 Midlands Boys Football – 1st place – through to national finals at St George’s Park

U10 Midlands Boys Football – 1st place

U11 Midlands Girls Football – 2nd place – our first ever girl’s football fixture!

School Games

Cross Country U11 Boys – 1st

Cross Country U10 Boys – 2nd

Cross Country U11 Girls – 2nd

Cross Country U10 Girls – 2nd

Indoor Athletics – 1st – through to Staffordshire finals

Stoke City Assembly

Towards the end of January, Stoke City came to visit Edenhurst and run an assembly for us. The children were so engaged and learnt a lot about the history of the football club. All of our Year 2 and Prep 3 children’s mouths dropped when they received a free match ticket! The rest of the school were offered discounted tickets for the same game.

We love sport at Edenhurst and it’s always great to have visiting speakers in (especially when they bring freebies!). Hopefully, the children that manage to get to the game have a wonderful time and get to see a rare Stoke City win!

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