The Importance of Being Eden

Posted: 1st October 2021

The importance of being Eden

Edenhurst has always been renowned for the way we prepare children for secondary schools. Over the past few weeks I have received wonderful feedback from the heads of senior schools now attended by our lovely Prep 6, the class of 2021. This is something that we perhaps take for granted because it has always been what we have done, and done it well. This, however, isn’t how we work at Edenhurst. We always start with ‘Why?’

Over the past two years, we have been exploring our ‘Why?’ and have been doing a lot of work on Character. So much so, that this has now become one of our three main School Development foci. To make this more tangible for our children we introduced a seventh learning friend earlier this year. Eden Bear is not so ‘new’, however. For sixty years, Eden has been our mascot and many children who have visited have been given one as a keepsake. 

So what is the point of prioritising something you already do well? The answer is quite simple: we want to understand it and do it even better! 

Eden Bear represents all that is good about this lovely little school. Eden has lovely manners; is brimming with confidence; and is always ready for a challenge. Performing a musical number, acting or addressing an audience is no problem at all. Eden cares and will always be there to support someone who is struggling. Eden is a good citizen and always acts in a socially and environmentally friendly manner. 

A lot of what we do as a school is quite subtle, but it works. This ranges from activities in the classroom to those on the sports field. It includes our regular and beautiful concert performances; or trips both locally and internationally; the responsibilities that our children take so seriously; and not to mention the daily interactions our skilled and dedicated staff have with our children. Join us, as we strive to understand Edenhurst Character building better and take it to the next level.

We should all be more like Eden.


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Why Edenhurst?

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