To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow

Posted: 13th May 2021

Throughout April the Little Learners have been very busy tending to the nursery garden.

First the children helped to dig over the large planter and add more soil. Then we re-potted the smaller planters with flowers in. We talked about what the plants and flowers needed to grow and guessed how big they may be. Then we planted flowers seeds and “Bee Bombs” which are small cylinder shapes that contain lots of seeds for flowers that bees will love.

We talked about the important job that bees do, why we don’t touch them and leave them to stay busy. The children filled their watering cans and added lots of water to the planting beds and planters. We also pulled weeds from the grass, Ms Adams showed us all the best way to regrow grass by adding to layers of grass seed. She explained to us that the birds like to eat the seed so 2 layers in important to make sure the grass grows. 

After a week the grass had started to grow, the Little Learners all touched it and had a smell of the grass. They said they can’t wait to stand on it.  Every time we go outside to play the Little Learners have remembered to water the planters, they run to the storage container, get their watering cans and go to collect water. They have done an amazing job sharing the equipment, helping each other with the watering cans and maintaining the planters. We are waiting with bated breath to see what grows next.  

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