How To Prepare For An Entrance Exam From A Prep 6 Perspective

Posted: 20th November 2020

How I Passed My Adam’s Grammar Exam

The day before the exam I was cramming as much revision as I could possibly get in. I did an exam for Adam’s Grammar School and really had to prepare very well to go to the school of my choice so it took a very long time to prepare. I used  several apps and books. In the exam hall, at first, it felt  nerve-racking but when the exam starts you feel like you have got this or you are going to pass. In the hall there are approximately 50 people in the room with you but if you do it online there is no one with you so you can do it at home on any day within the time sections. I would recommend the following resources to help prepare you:  Bond online and books , Chuckra online , Letts books , Oxford dictionary and  vocabulary cards, First Past The Post books and Collins books to prepare. Ultimately, in school lessons you need to listen very carefully and try and understand bits of information the best you can but I took it to the next level by requesting for extra homework!

By : Daniel Isi-Efefaroro

Prep 6 

Deputy Head Boy

Edenhurst Preparatory School


About My Exam

The day before the exam, it was as nerve racking as it can get but I was excited for the upcoming events. It was the day before the exam and I was cramming as much revision as I could possibly get in . I was taking the Newcastle Under Lyme School exam and  I was glad that I was doing it with some of my friends from school. I walked into the dastardly exam hall and there were approximately 16 people in it . I started the exam, carefully examining every question and  finished the exam feeling great about myself. Although it was hard, I thought I did pretty well and I am looking forward to getting my results  back. To prepare, you need to make sure you listen to everything your teacher says in lessons and try to revise as much as possible. 

By Aarush Vellaturi

Prep 6

Bridgewater House Captain  Boy 

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