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Posted: 4th November 2020

Dear Parents,

As we enter the second part of the strangest Michaelmas term, I thought I would share a couple of my thoughts about the half term with you. Firstly, we at Edenhurst will strive to make this term as ‘normal’ for your children as we can. Let’s face it, we could all deal with a little more normal in our lives! 


Our teachers really miss those quick catch ups at pick up and drop off. So, our version of this will be a two-weekly Google Meet. Please expect an invitation from your child’s teacher to this effect. There will also be a selection of information meetings by Mr Barber, myself and other key members of staff over the course of this half term to keep you in the loop.  We won’t be having a formal parent’s evening as we usually would in this term but please feel free to book a one-to-one online meeting with your child’s teachers to discuss their progress.


Events at school are obviously not going to happen as usual under the current restrictions but as far as possible we will try to replicate these with virtual equivalents. We will start this off with our virtual Remembrance Service which will be held at 10:50 am on Wednesday the 11th of November. Please join us by following this link: https://meet.google.com/myw-mchf-zde?hs=122&authuser=0

Expedition day will be very exciting this year. Children will undertake Virtual Reality tours led by Mrs. Hibbert. Some children will venture underwater to the bottom of the ocean, others will take a Virtual Reality tour inside the human body, some will even meet Vikings! I personally can’t wait to give the VR goggles a go!

We will be announcing a poetry recitation competition in the next couple of days and will of course ask parents to join in.

Our lovely Carol service will be turned into a movie! The tea towels are being dusted off as we speak! Details of the premier to follow.

The EPTA are in the process of designing a unique Christmas fayre. Please follow their social media channels for regular updates.


These are truly uncharted waters but Edenhurst is here to support you. Please feel free to contact me if there is anything we can do to help.


All of the best,


Michael Hibbert

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