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Posted: 14th May 2020


Posted on 14th May 2020

Social media is something that Edenhurst takes much pride in. We feel it is important to keep our parents, prospective parents and the wider community involved with everything that we are doing. We love sharing what we do with you all, and we feel it is important that you can see what your children are doing during the week, whether that be working hard in the classroom, playing outside with their friends… Or working online at home.

During this time, we are missing the children enormously and would love it if you would also send us pictures of the children working at home. If you do have anything to send regarding your reality of online learning, please send it in an email to:

If you don’t already, we highly suggest that you head over to our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and give us a follow. We are always looking for ways to improve our social media and try our very best to upload pictures and videos as much as we can! ​

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