Mini Explorers Go To Infinity… And Beyond!

Posted: 14th November 2019


Posted on 14th Nov 2019

The Explorers have been travelling this week and taken off into Outer Space like Buzz Lightyear!

They have made their own space rockets and star mobiles to hang from the ceiling using all different craft techniques. They have made planets out of different textured materials and learned the names of each one and that we live on Planet Earth!

 At the end of the week they decided to hold a special dressing up day where all the children and staff were invited to dress up as an alien, astronaut, planet or even the colour of a planet.

As the Little Learners Homework Challenge this week was also to build their own rocket, they brought them in to show everyone and display in the classroom.

Click here to see our lovely pictures of the children dressing up and showing off their rockets!

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