Reception Enjoy Their First School Trip at Conkers

Posted: 22nd October 2019

Posted on 22nd Oct 2019

Reception have had a very busy half term, culminating in an exciting day at Conkers, on our first school trip.

Some children have already gained their bronze eco certificate, and everyone else is working hard for it. We have planted plants this week, and Edventures are going to look after them for us in half-term.

We had a pyjama day for a marbles treat and the marble jar is nearly full again!

Conkers was amazing, we scrambled up a hill, walked over rough ground and through the mud and a stream, we also found a bear in the cave as we re-enacted We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, the snow had to be imaginary..thankfully!

We even learnt about willow, oak, ash and silver birch trees and what the wood is used for, very interesting.

The play area was a highlight of the day, and we returned to the coach very tired and by train.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable half term.

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