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Posted: 8th July 2019

Posted on 8th Jul 2019

As part of our topic about North Staffordshire, Reception had a wonderful day at Trentham Gardens. Firstly we looked at the display of ceramic butterflies, then enjoyed a walk through the Italian gardens to the boat. We saw coots, swans, ducks, geese and a heron from the boat, and even saw the adult black swans with their three cygnets. We all enjoyed our picnic lunch and then went to look at the dragon and her nest. After a long walk we all deserved a delicious ice cream!

As part of our Books topic, we had a Peter Rabbit day. All the class dressed up as a character from the book and then we had great fun finding radishes and running away from Mr Tod. We also found a basket of unusual carrots!

Click here to see pictures of our trip to Trentham.

Click here to see pictures of our Peter Rabbit day.


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