Grandparents’ Coffee Morning

Posted: 20th June 2019


Posted on 20th Jun 2019

Grandparents made a return to the classroom recently, as part of a special coffee morning organised for grandparents of children in our Early Learners class.

The event was designed to allow them to see their grandchildren hard at work and play and get involved with a range of lesson activities.

Early Learners had great fun working with their visiting grandparents, completing a range of activities linked to their current topics of learning.

At the end of the event, grandparents stayed behind to share a song with the Early Learners before it was time to go home.

Headteacher Michael Hibbert said all the children were very excited to welcome their grandparents into school.

Mr Hibbert said: “We are proud of the School’s strong family ethos and recognise that grandparents play a huge part in the children’s lives. This event was a chance for them to experience a range of learning activities with their grandchild, view their classrooms and examples of work and help them to gain insight into how education has changed since they were at school. The time went all too quickly, everyone had a wonderful time returning to school for the morning and thank you to all those who came.”

To view images from the event please click here.

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