From The Nursery: Mini Me Yoga!

Posted: 21st March 2019

Posted on 21st Mar 2019

One of our exciting initiatives in the Toddler Room is the introduction of Mini Me Yoga! The children have been learning new poses each week and this week we have been concentrating on emotions and moves to incorporate this. We always start by sitting in a circle and sending out love to our friends and family. As this is a type of meditation it helps the children to be engaged and concentrate throughout the sessions.

The emotions for this week were love, focus, kind and happy! The children were asked to place their hand on one of the listed words and we said “We are…” with the matching word. This is to promote positivity in their bodies and mind!

The Toddlers then used their bodies to create the corresponding action of the pose such as the mountain. The children joined in beautifully with this. See our lovely photographs of one of our Yoga sessions.

Furthermore we will soon be starting this activity in every room led by Lauran who is a qualified Mini Me Yoga teacher.


Miss Waddington, Miss Blundred, Miss Walley and Miss Rowley.


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