Failure Day 2019

Posted: 8th March 2019

Posted on 8th Mar 2019

“Do.  Or do not.  There is no try.”  A crowd of very interestingly-dressed Edenhursters sat in the hall for assembly this morning, as Mr. Hibbert introduced our Failure Day.  Today was an opportunity to be pushed out of our comfort zones; to try activities that we wouldn’t ordinarily have done; and to grow our growth mindsets.  It was the perfect opportunity to try out everything that we have been learning about throughout this year: resilience, determination, perseverance and curiosity.

And so began a day that has included a whole-school pancake race (carried over from Tuesday); making pottery; writing letters to famous people without knowing whether there will be a reply; learning a dance or a song and performing it in front of peers; building the tallest towers out of paper; putting our hands into feely boxes without knowing what is inside (would we dare?!) and trying some strange and unusual foods that could have come straight from Mrs. Cropley’s book of recipes…bacon and bananas; chocolate-covered Brussel sprouts; and beetroot muffins.  

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Edenhurst has completely embraced this and shown how much their growth mindset is growing.  An unguarded conversation on the playground at lunchtime between two of our Prep 3 children highlighted this.  

“I can’t hula-hoop!”

“No, you can’t hula-hoop yet.  You just need to keep practising.”

That says it all!  Well done to everyone for having a go and pushing themselves out of their comfort zones.  

Click here and click here to see pictures of what we got up to today!

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