From The Nursery: Introducing Library Books!

Posted: 15th February 2019

Posted on 15th Feb 2019

One of our new initiatives in the Baby, Toddler and Explorers Rooms since returning to Nursery in the new year has been the introduction of library books for all children!

Whilst the older children have always borrowed books to read at home, in order to encourage early reading we have decided to start with our youngest children.

Recent research by Newcastle University has shown that children who are regularly read to by their parents at home are ahead in their language skills by 8 months and it encourages their understanding of information. Reading has a positive impact on expressive language (putting thoughts into words), pre reading skills (how words are structured) and receptive language (understanding information).

Each child will get to choose a story to take home and read with their parents, grandparents or brothers or sisters before bringing it back to Nursery. Each child has the chance to keep the story for a week or even just a day. This will also encourage the children’s self confidence as they have the choice of what they read even if it could be the same story!

We hope that you are INSPIRED to read at home as much as we are at Nursery! Look at for your child’s Library Day to be written in their diary.

View some more photos, here.

Miss Jankowski, Miss Palmer, Miss Khetia and Mrs Hewitt.


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