Form 1 Visit Quarry Bank Mill

Posted: 2nd December 2018

Posted on 2nd Dec 2018

Linked to our science topic about ‘Materials’, Form 1 visited Quarry Bank Mill on Thursday 22nd November, where we also started to learn about ‘The Victorians’.  We had a thoroughly inspiring visit to the mill, which the children haven’t stopped talking about since our return.  We started our day by exploring the mill and soon understood how loud and dangerous the mill would have been. The children ‘experienced’ being Victorian children working in the mill. They carried cans of cotton and learned to twist the cotton ready to be placed on the machinery. We didn’t go as far as working barefoot but even still, the children decided unanimously that they would not have wanted to have worked in the mill.

After lunch, Form 1 attended a textiles workshop, in which we learned about different fabrics and what life would have been like working on a farm in Victorian times. The children particularly enjoyed weaving and learning how to card and spin wool. Julie, who was running the workshop, was delighted at  how well Form 1 can weave.

Form 1 had a great day and learned a huge amount from our visit. If you do get chance, please do pop in to see our weaving and some photographs from the day. I’m sure the children would also love to tell you all about our visit.

You can also click here to see some photographs of our visit.


Mrs Bartholomew


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