Whole-School Activity Day: Fun in the Outdoors!

Posted: 14th November 2018

Posted on 14th Nov 2018

Just before the half-term holiday, the whole school had an Activity Day based around ‘The Great Outdoors’!  Below are reports from each class about the fun and challenge that they had…

Click here to see pictures of Reception and Pre-Prep at Delamere Forest

Click here to see pictures of Prep 3 at Trentham Gardens

Click here to see pictures of Prep 4 at Tittesworth Reservoir

Reception and Pre-Prep had an amazing time in Delamere Forest for our activity day. We prepared in advance by wearing our wellies and waterproofs so that we could begin as soon as we arrived. We went to explore the forest and test how waterproof our wellies were by wading through the river! Our teachers weren’t so well equipped with only walking boots to keep them dry. They had to jump the streams so their boots didn’t fill with water. After exploring the forest we had a quick lunch stop before building our amazing dens in groups. Each den was fantastic and very sturdy. The day passed so quickly and we really wanted to stay longer! We ACHIEVED so much during the day and came home exhausted.

Prep 3 ventured a mile down the road to the wonderful Trentham Gardens. The children spent a good couple of hours admiring the lake, finding the impressive sculptures and the sneaky fairies! They also had a little mission around the walk and had to try and find a strange mix of objects that Mrs Bennett had set out for them before they left school. Eventually it was time for lunch- much to the children’s relief- particularly as some of them had been asking from the second they got off the bus at 10:30 am. After a quick bite to eat, it was time to hit the adventure playground. You will see from the smiles on the faces (the teachers and children alike) the amount of fun that was had. Climbing, swinging, sliding were just some of the activities that the children enjoyed doing with their friends. Squeals of laughter could be heard all around and their fresh, rosy faces in the cold wind was a delight to witness. But the fun didn’t stop there and the 3 degree temperatures didn’t stop us there either… it was time for the Barefoot Walk! Socks and shoes off and off 20 children ran screaming through the squelchy mud pits and freezing water- a children only activity! The day was finished off with an ice cream (bubblegum flavour for most!) as we waited for our minibus back to school. All in all, the day was brilliant: friendships developed, fears overcome and most importantly, fun was had by all. Thank you, Prep 3, Mrs Jones, Mrs Staton, Mme.Cotton & Trentham Gardens, for a wonderful trip.

Prep 4 took a wonderful visit to Tittesworth Reservoir and to say they enjoyed it is an understatement. On the bus trip there we were just discussing how we would build the rafts and who was going to be the dare devils that jumped in. As we arrived, we had to squeeze ourselves into the wet suits and straight away we were pretty chilly, but more ready than ever. Next, we had to build the rafts. This was hard work- but with our great teamwork skills, we all pulled together. We rolled the barrels and carried the logs- all the time with smiles on our faces. Time to build the rafts! Wow- this was hard and very strenuous. Learning how to tie all the knots was tricky, but we got there in the end. By this time we were itching to get into the water and on the rafts. We all grabbed a paddle, pushed the amazingly built rafts into the water, jumped on and off we went. Whilst in the water, there were a few that jumped in (or fell) and as you can imagine, in October, it was FREEZING! We all tried our very best to use our paddles to move us around the lake, and even if we were just moving around in circles, it was fun. After being on the lake for 45 minutes, it was time for lunch- we were peckish. We got ourselves into some dry clothes, wrapped ourselves up and ate our lunches- yummy! 2 o clock and it was time to come back to school. What a brilliant day we had. I was very impressed with Prep 4’s team work skills, bravery and co-operation on Activity Day. Thank you to Mrs Whitmore and Mr Beasley for joining us on the day. 

Prep 5 took a ‘gentle stroll’ from Edenhurst across to Keele, covering a total of 19.7km and almost 24,500 steps along the way!  Accompanied by Mr. Barnes and Mrs. Nash, they hiked up Keele Road (with a sortie up and down The Butts hill and into the woods en route!) and through the University grounds, round the lake next to Keele Hall and then out to Keele village before reaching their surprising destination for lunch – Keele Services!  All of them enjoyed a hot chocolate along with the food that Ms. Townson had made for them before retracing their steps back to Edenhurst via the University playing fields, enjoying some games of frisbee, aeroball and dodgeball.  One thing that all of them learned was that a walk can tire them out…we lost count of how many times we were asked ‘Are we there yet?  I’m tired!’  

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