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Posted: 5th October 2018

Posted on 5th Oct 2018

The Toddlers have been very busy this month starting to learn about Autumn. We have been practising our Autumn colours of red, yellow, brown and orange with various activities such as colouring with felt pens, painting using our new paintbrushes and exploring playdough.  We had great fun tasting different foods of these colours such as lemon, lime, carrot sticks and red peppers. We took some great pictures of the children’s faces when they tasted the sour lemon and lime.  We have also been out and about this week on different walks around the areas including to the local Library where we saw lots of leaves that have started to fall down on the pavements.

Finally we have been making apple potions in our water tray using our metal utensils to stir and mix up the water. The children were very clever to scoop and move the apple slices into pots and pans and even started to count them. Ava knew there were two apples on her spoon. Well done Ava!  

Click here to see some great pictures of the children tasting their food!

Miss Whitmore, Miss Blundred, Miss Waddington, Miss Field and Miss Walley

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