Prep 6 Think It's Cool at Condover Hall!

Posted: 19th September 2018

Posted on 19th Sep 2018

Unbelievably, this is the fifth year that we have been taking Prep 6 pupils to Condover Hall for our now traditional beginning-of-year residential.  It is eagerly anticipated and always much enjoyed by all pupils, as it is ‘their’ trip – and this year’s was no exception.  Condover Hall is part of the JCA group and is located in its namesake village just outside Shrewsbury: we enjoy the benefits of having it on our back doorstep.  The aim of the three-day, two-night stay is to build leadership and teamwork skills, bringing the children closer as a class and helping them to learn more about their own strengths as well as about each other.  It’s also a time to have a lot of fun!  What better way to learn about leadership and teamwork than by going climbing, building (and riding) buggies, launching rockets or lighting fires?  Not to mention the delicious food…

Our current Prep 5 pupils will be delighted to know that we have already booked up for next year and they can look forward to their turn as Prep 6 in September next year.  Further details to follow!

Click below to find out more about our time there.  You can access the photo galleries via the blogs:

Condover 2018 Day 1

Condover 2018 Day 2

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