Form 1 Play: 'The King's Magic Cloaks'

Posted: 13th June 2018

Posted on 13th Jun 2018

‘The King’s Magic Cloaks’ tells the story of a King and his family who are stuck living in a cold and draughty castle. The King agrees to buy some new double glazing windows to modernise his home….and this is where the problems start! As part of the deal, he receives two magic cloaks; the first, a magnificent and sparkly gown and the other, a dull and scruffy rag. Immediately, the King chooses the first cloak, but things just go from bad to worse!

The night of the play was the culmination of much hard work and endeavour. The children put in a lot of energy and effort to learn their lines, songs and movements which enabled them to present an accomplished and inspiring performance. On the night, everyone sang and spoke confidently and enthusiastically, clearly enjoying every moment in the spotlight. The fantastic performance was lively and entertaining and showed just what can be achieved with hard work.  

Many thanks to all those who helped and well done to everyone!

Click here to see some photographs from our play!


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