11+ Achievements for Prep 6

Posted: 27th March 2018

Posted on 27th Mar 2018

Our annual cycle of 11+ exams came to an end just prior to February half-term.  As the whole of Prep 6 can look back with much satisfaction on on their achievements, here is an update on their progress. Congratulations to all of the children below – they have worked extremely hard and deserve their success. Each is a fantastic achievement and we are delighted for the whole of Prep 6 that they have gained places at their recommended school.

  • JJ C: 11+, Denstone College
  • Oléana C: 11+, Denstone College
  • Dhiren F: 11+ with Scholarship, St. Paul’s School, London; 11+, Adam’s Grammar, Newport; 11+, Queen Elizabeth School for Boys, Barnet, London
  • Bethan H: 11+ with All-Round Scholarship, Denstone College
  • Eleanor L: 11+, Denstone College
  • Freya R: 11+, Ellesmere College
  • Ethan O: 11+, Ellesmere College
  • Elliot W: 11+ with Music Scholarship, Denstone College

Just as a reminder, here are the achievements from the Michaelmas Term:

  • Jamie E: 11+, Newcastle-under-Lyme School
  • Dhiren F: 11+, King Edward’s School, Birmingham
  • Callum M-S: 11+, Newcastle-under-Lyme School
  • Adam M: 11+, St. Dominic’s Priory School; Stafford Grammar School.
  • Aryan S: 11+, Newcastle-under-Lyme School; 11+, Stafford Grammar School
  • Sienna S: 11+ with Governors’ Scholarship, Newcastle-under-Lyme School
  • Elliot W: 11+ with Music Scholarship, Newcastle-under-Lyme School)
  • Thomas W: 11+ with Governors’ Scholarship, Newcastle-under-Lyme School.

Well done to all of the above, and thank you to all parents and staff for their support in helping Prep 6 to ACHIEVE so highly.

A number of Prep 6 have taken more than one entrance exam.  Dhiren will be entering King Edward’s School, Birmingham (for which he was examined last term) and Elliot will be entering Denstone College, whilst he was also examined for Newcastle-under-Lyme School.  All Honours will shortly be added to the Edenhurst Honours Board.


Mr. Barnes

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