Prep 6 Visit The Beatles Story

Posted: 1st February 2018

Posted on 1st Feb 2018

Roll up…roll up for the mystery tour!  Our visit to the Beatles Story last month had been preceded by some extensive research into the lives of each member of the band as we wrote their biographies, so it would be fair to say that the current Prep 6 came into their time in Liverpool well informed about the lives of each Beatle.  This visit provides a great opportunity for the children to understand how the concept of ‘the teenager’, as we understand it, came about and why the music of Elvis Presley, the Beatles and their contemporaries continues to have such an effect on modern singers and bands.  

During our visit, Prep 6 enjoyed their audio-visual tour through the different reconstructions and scenes of the Cavern Club, Mathew Street, the ‘Mersey Beat’ offices and other familiar settings from this period in history. They dressed up in costumes similar to those that teenagers from the 1960s would have worn, and learned about how to set up and play a 33rpm and 45rpm record (and what happens when you play them at the wrong speeds!)  Nick, our guide, was impressed with how many of Prep 6 had seen vinyl records before and commented that many classes that come round the exhibit often don’t know what it is or how it works.  The most frequent answer is that they think it’s a frisbee…but it was interesting to find out that last year was the first time that vinyl had outsold CDs!  There is certainly a resurgence of interest.

It has been interesting to see how, since we returned, Prep 6 have been asking to listen to specific Beatles tracks whilst they are in Form Time and when they are working.  They are really enjoying this phase of their learning.  As we headed back along The Long and Winding Road to school, they were talking about how they wanted to Get Back to Liverpool and bring their families to show them them what they had experienced.  So please do go…it’s a great day out and we’re sure that you’ll have as much fun as we did!

To view more photos from our trip click here.

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