World Volunteer Sustainability Workshop

Posted: 11th January 2018

Posted on 11th Jan 2018

This morning we were delighted to welcome Will Midwinter (Edenhurst alumnus and now Outreach and Program Manager for World Volunteer Asia) along with his colleague Alex to talk to Preps 4, 5 and 6 about how Edenhurst can support the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Will and Alex also talked to pupils about their work in South East Asia to inspire them with how worthwhile voluntary work can be!  They have recently taken a group of 9-11 year olds, along with their parents, from an international school in Macau to undertake some project work in Thailand.  Who knows – it could be Edenhurst pupils undertaking this in the future?!

As part of the workshop we had to come up with a series of sustainable challenges.  These have been passed to the Eco Council for development, but we have been taking the first challenge this week – trying to finish all of the food on our plate OR only asking for a smaller portion, so that there is less waste.  The response has been excellent!

Click here to see the pupils of Millfield School (seniors) volunteering in Laos in July last year (produced by World Volunteer).

Click here to see the pupils and parents of the International School of Macau volunteering on one of World Volunteer’s projects in Thailand. [NB some flashing images]

You can read more about Will in our Alumni case studies section by clicking here.


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